October 15, 2020
Design / Ideas
iLead Technologies Inc.

How it Works

A simple three step process

Create your RFP: Answering a few simple questions that provide brokers good insight on the type of Mortgage rate they can give you.

Submit Mortgage RFP: We put you in focus! Get brokers bidding for your business from the comfort of your smartphone.

Accept and Connect: As bids are received your will get notified. Simply review the bids and accept the one that best meets your needs.

Process & Results

They empower customers by putting their needs into focus, by providing them with live rates/quotes that are focused and personalized to their financing needs. Its simple when brokers compete you win! Through out the process consumers maintain anonymity until they are ready to accept a bid/quote and connect with a Financing Professional. So no soliciting phone calls or emails from agents you don’t want to connect with.