Understand the Problem

This is the first step and probably the most important because it answers the question of why you’re building an app.

When a client comes to us to develop an app, we take the time to know the real problem that they’re trying to solve. We take the time to understand the industry the business operates in, their competitors, their business aspirations, and the information being sent to the end-user.

This allows us to know the features to be added to the app. After we identify the problem, and what the business and the end-user expect, it’s only then that we’ll move to the next step, identifying the key functions.

Identifying the Key Functions

When developing an app for your business, you need to get everything right to stay ahead of your competitors. This means working with mobile app developers who have vast experience launching apps and have an understanding of what it takes to create a mobile app prototype.

In this process, we brainstorm with the client to know the app functionality requirements. Most businesses already have an idea of what they want the app to do, but listing the features is important to create the perfect app.

The best strategy is to name the most important features and design the app around them.

Creating Sketches of the App

After you discover the vital features, we’ll brainstorm about the user experience, and for this process, we’ll create sketches of how the main screen, the dashboard, should look and feel. Developing the sketches makes it easy for us to create the screen and ultimately, stick to the design and the functions of the application.

This is a key step of developing apps that function and fixes all your challenges.

Developing the Wireframe

Once we get the final design, we will proceed to wireframing. A wireframe is just a simplified version of the product, and it consists of lines, words, boxes, and the descriptions.

This process is important because it lays out the content and functionality of the app on a page. Our team uses this stage to develop the basic structure of an app before adding the content and visuals. The wireframe is not the final look of the app, it just shows how everything will fall in place.

The Prototype

A low-fidelity wireframe can be made into a simple prototype that you can send to the market for testing purposes.

Our team has all the experience to turn the wireframe into a working prototype using applications like InvisonApp or Xcode. The latter, for instance, is a powerful app and creates a prototype that operates and feels like the end product.

This is a key step in our app development process because it gives us important feedback on the intended UX before proceeding to the last process.

The Final Design

We have a team of skilled developers who’ll turn the wireframe into the final design with ease. Finalizing the design is a key step because it’s the last step of implementing the design.

We use software like Illustrator or Sketch to create a prototype that feels and works like the real thing.

Now you can send the app for final testing, by sharing a link of the prototype to the users.  

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