What is Information Architecture (IA)?

Information architecture is what determines whether your app will be a hit or a miss, how? Because it determines how content will be arranged in your mobile app and this includes videos, texts, images, audio, etc. Fact is, if the content in your app is complicated, making it hard for users to find what they’re looking for, then your app will fail.

We are the information architecture specialists and we will arrange the content in your app to make it easy to find and more appealing to your target audience.

Architecture Patterns

Just like choosing a theme, you need to carefully consider the IA pattern that you’ll use on your application. You can use a number of patterns in your app but you must choose the right parent pattern. We are an experienced mobile app developing company and our developers know everything about IA.

Not only do we know all the patterns but also, what they should and shouldn’t be used for.  The architecture patterns include:

Content Inventory

In this stage of building a working IA for your app, we will note down the elements that your project will consist of and create a list of components. This list includes the name of the app, the author/provider, meta elements like keywords, metatags, and meta description, and finally the files i.e., video, image, text, etc.

Our team of designers will use the content inventory at different stages of the development process, like:


Wireframing is a key step and plays an integral role in creating a simplified visual representation of your app.

Wireframes outline the areas and points, to show how different components will link up within your app. Our developers use wireframing to plan the information architecture of the screen or page and this basically involves:

We Know How to Keep it Simple

When developing an app for a mobile device, you need to make it as usable and as mobile-friendly, as you can for your users. Since mobile phones have smaller screens than monitors, your app should prioritize content over everything else. Your home screen should include only what’s necessary.

Our team knows how to create applications that are content-based to immediately grasp the attention of your audience. Depending on what you want your application to do, we can help you:

Testing and Feedback

This is important and should not be skipped because it lets you get an idea of how people will receive your app in the market. We can help you find potential app users, if it’s a public app, we can upload the demo app on the relevant app stores, to get vital feedback.

We use this feedback to fix any issues that may arise or make improvements that will make the app better and easier to use. Contact us today to learn more about our mobile application development solutions.

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